The decision to build your own swimming pool will have been the result of much consideration and planning on your part. We at Lanark Pool Company want to make sure you have the best facility for your needs. Discussion and advice in the early stages is invaluable, whether you already have detailed plans or only a fledgling idea of what you want. Your pool can be designed and built to your own specification, in any size or shape, to suit your tastes, your budget and your available space.

There is no such thing as a “standard pool” – it’s YOUR pool.


Design Type

Freeboard Pools are the traditional design, where the water level is normally around 150mm below the finished floor level.

Decklevel pools are built so the water weirs over the top, through a grating set into the pool deck, and into a channel below. This means the depth of your pool is the depth of the water. Decklevel pools normally have a tiled finish.

Mostly the decision between freeboard or decklevel is down to a mixture of aesthetics and budget. The extra construction costs involved in forming the channel and balance tank necessary in a decklevel pool, mean this is a more expensive option.

Construction & Finish

Concrete or block built pools with a tiled finish are the way to go if you need a structure and finish that will be extremely hardwearing and long lasting. The choice of tiles is almost infinite, with ranges to suit most budgets. Mosaic tiles are a popular choice, from simple blue or white through to black with gold leaf, lustre pearl effects or bespoke designs. Other hard finishes to consider include materials such as limestone and slate.

Liner pools are an economical choice. They can be built in a similar way, from concrete or block, or can utilise one of the many panel systems available, but the water retaining structure within this type of pool is the liner itself. These come in different grades from a heavy duty domestic type liner, to an on-site lining system, suitable for commercial installations. This type of liner is also ideal in a refurbishment project.
Liners come in a wide variety of colours and designs and can often be almost visually indistinguishable from a tiled pool finish.
Liners can last from 5 -15 years depending on the usage and other factors. A pool where the water chemistry is carefully checked and balanced regularly, will result in a good lifespan from a liner. When a liner does need changed, it is a relatively simple, quick and inexpensive process to replace it, and the added advantage is, the pool owner can opt for a completely new design or colour scheme if so required