Keeping your water clean, safe and chemically balanced is a vital part of the daily running of your pool, but it can be costly.

If your pool does not already benefit from disinfection from ozone or an ultraviolet system, it would be a worthwhile consideration.
These systems are relatively inexpensive to install and cut down the need for chemicals such as chlorine, dramatically.

Alternatives to chlorine are popular in domestic pools and we currently stock several very user-friendly sanitisation options such as O2 Gentle and Aquablanc.

Obviously, pool water still needs to be kept balanced in order for equipment to work efficiently and indeed for the disinfection process to work effectively. Well balanced water also means a safe and pleasant bathing experience for the user.

LPC deal with several of the largest chemical suppliers in order to obtain the keenest prices for our clients for all their chemical needs, including speciality cleaning products, test kits, essence dosing for steam/spa/sauna, etc.

We can normally process an order and have it with you in 3 days, or even overnight if necessary.

If you would like a copy of our price list, or simply to enquire about any aspect of pool chemicals, please call the office or send an email and we will forward the information to you. We regularly receive notifications of special offers and seasonal deals which we can pass on to our clients, so the figures in our price list may well be subject to a reduction at the time of your order – always a pleasant surprise!