Your sauna or steamroom can be a stand alone feature within your home, or can be part of a larger scale project including pool, gym or other facilities.

Lanark Pool Company can help you choose and/or design what will best suit your needs.

Your sauna, steamroom, laconium, etc, can take the form of an “off the shelf” cabin ready to be built into your designated space, or can be purpose built, incorporating your own choice of features and finishes in a size and shape to suit you.

Steamroom cabins may take the form of a simple, moulded interior which is simple to fit into  a predetermined space and can be easily cleaned & maintained. Alternatively, the interior can be designed and built to your specifications, with shaped benches, curved seats & backrests, pillars, armrests, the list of possibilities is endless. This type of installation can be built to exact size requirements and will normally have a tiled finish.

Sauna cabins similarly range from very simple, spruce cabins in a variety of sizes, to fully bespoke rooms to the client’s own design specification, with upgrades to finish, typically in Alder, Aspen or Western Red Cedar. Sauna stoves and accessories range from simple & basic to hi-spec designer items.

Lighting in your sauna and steamroom can also be upgraded to include mood lighting, colour change lighting and “starry sky” twinkle lights in fibre-optics or LEDs.

 Automatic essence dosing can be incorporated, ensuring your sauna or steamroom smell enticing at all times.


The only limit is your imagination.